24 Aug, 2020

Five Facts That Make Eleventh Grade Extremely Significant

2020-08-24T09:53:33-05:00Monday, August 24, 2020|Education Info, Private School, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Is there a specific year in a student's education that seems like a throwaway year? Or is there one grade that seems more important than the others? This has been a topic of discussion for educators, parents, and students alike. And we at The Tenney School have identified a trend. Sadly, many students and their parents view [...]

10 Jun, 2020

Secretly Educational Uses of Screen Time

2020-06-09T13:14:58-05:00Wednesday, June 10, 2020|Learning Strategies, Parents|

With many schools recently adopting an online version of their classes, the internet has never before been such a perfect tool for educating young minds. Sometimes, though, children and teens can become tired of structured learning and long for some mindless screen time. If you're wanting to give your child a little bit of a [...]

2 Dec, 2019

Why Some Kids Give Up and Others Stick With It

2019-12-01T10:08:17-06:00Monday, December 2, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

There is nothing more defeating for parents and teachers than the moment when a child just gives up. If the child would just keep trying, parents and teachers alike are willing to go above and beyond to help that child succeed, often more than anyone believed possible. When a student gives up, on the other [...]

7 Oct, 2019

What to Do if Your Child’s First Report Card Grades are Low

2019-10-04T15:05:25-05:00Monday, October 7, 2019|Learning Environment, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

First Report Card As a parent, the first report card is an important moment. This is your first glimpse into how your child is doing at school academically, and possibly on a personal level as well. For some families, unfortunately, this is also a time of dismay. Your child's first report card may show that [...]

4 May, 2019

Middle School Skills: The Foundation for High School Success

2019-05-04T07:35:22-05:00Saturday, May 4, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers, Transition Between Schools|

For many parents, high school gets more focus than any other element of their child's schooling. High school becomes part of a student's permanent academic record. Poor grades or other problems in high school can prevent students from getting the scholarships they need, or even prevent them from getting into the college they most want [...]

15 Jan, 2019

Is it Okay to Let Your Child Fail a Test?

2019-01-15T07:44:07-06:00Tuesday, January 15, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents|

Today's educational world has parents more involved than they ever have been before. For one thing, the pressure to know what's going on with their children's grades has gotten much more intense. There's a sense that every class (even in elementary and middle school) is a make-or-break moment that could prevent the child from progressing [...]

10 Dec, 2018

Keeping Your Kids Engaged and Learning Over Winter Break

2018-12-10T15:10:51-06:00Monday, December 10, 2018|Parents, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Winter Break It's the end of the fall semester, and winter break is here: a great time to relax, get away from school and work responsibilities for a little while, and enjoy time with your family. If you have a trip planned for those two weeks, you'll be busy until it's time for school to [...]

3 Dec, 2018

Will Pressing Pause on Fortnite Improve Your Child’s Grades?

2018-11-30T14:12:05-06:00Monday, December 3, 2018|Learning Strategies, Parents, Student Health|

In early 2018, over 1 million people tuned in to watch a live stream of a Fortnite game on YouTube. That same event brought in more than 42 million unique viewers, and the game has been breaking records for most downloads and attracting plenty of adult players into nightclub-style lounges where they can play for [...]

28 Sep, 2018

How Lawnmower Parents Impair Student Academics

2018-09-28T10:39:08-05:00Friday, September 28, 2018|Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

You've heard of the "helicopter parents." These are the ones who hover over their little bundle of joy long past the age when they need that level of supervision. Helicopter parents are often ridiculed for being overprotective and too cautious, not giving their children space to grow and find their own footing in a complex [...]

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