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20 Dec, 2019

What Parents Need to Know About Dysgraphia

2019-12-20T08:01:54-06:00Friday, December 20, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Most parents have heard of dyslexia before, but how many know what dysgraphia is? The word "dysgraphia" is composed of two Greek words: "dys," meaning difficult, and "graphia," meaning writing. From that, we get difficult writing, messy writing, or incomprehensible writing. Dysgraphia is becoming a common diagnosis among students, so it helps to understand the [...]

2 Dec, 2019

Why Some Kids Give Up and Others Stick With It

2019-12-01T10:08:17-06:00Monday, December 2, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

There is nothing more defeating for parents and teachers than the moment when a child just gives up. If the child would just keep trying, parents and teachers alike are willing to go above and beyond to help that child succeed, often more than anyone believed possible. When a student gives up, on the other [...]

18 Oct, 2019

Gifted and Talented as a Disability

2019-10-18T08:39:26-05:00Friday, October 18, 2019|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

In many settings, having special intellectual or creative abilities can be more of a disability than a gift. Most of the time, the governance of institutions is set to the pace of the vast majority of people in the high-density middle of the ability curve. Those people who make special demands on the system, in the [...]

12 Aug, 2019

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Students

2019-08-09T14:06:57-05:00Monday, August 12, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Students who are classified as gifted and talented are often thought to be learners who exceed in all areas of study. In reality, it's quite possible for one of these students to have one or more learning disabilities. A child may have a vocabulary bigger than any one of their classmates, yet struggle with simple [...]

22 Jul, 2019

Gifted and Talented 101

2019-08-01T21:26:12-05:00Monday, July 22, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents|

Many schools across the nation have been putting time, effort, and money into gifted and talented programs. Since not all children fall into an "average" category, it's crucial for schools to have accommodations and challenges for children who not only have special needs but also for those who are gifted or above the average. One [...]

21 Jun, 2019

Four Students Who Learn Better at a Smaller School

2019-06-21T14:34:03-05:00Friday, June 21, 2019|Learning Environment, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

No two students exactly are the same. And it makes sense that different students learn better in different situations. At The Tenney School, we understand that "one size fits all" does not apply to education. For instance, many young people attend public school, where hundreds of students are crammed into one building. But a big [...]

11 May, 2019

Gifted and Talented: The Importance of Challenging Gifted Children

2019-05-11T08:53:11-05:00Saturday, May 11, 2019|Learning Environment, Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

As parents, we all think our children are unique. We may ooh, and awe at the mermaid picture Suzie has drawn or praise Billy repeatedly for his perfect score on his spelling test. Indeed, all children are individuals, and in their own way special, but in reality, only about 10% of the United States children [...]

15 Jan, 2019

Is it Okay to Let Your Child Fail a Test?

2019-01-15T07:44:07-06:00Tuesday, January 15, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents|

Today's educational world has parents more involved than they ever have been before. For one thing, the pressure to know what's going on with their children's grades has gotten much more intense. There's a sense that every class (even in elementary and middle school) is a make-or-break moment that could prevent the child from progressing [...]

12 Jul, 2018

What Gifted and Talented Children Need from Their School

2018-07-12T17:29:05-05:00Thursday, July 12, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Learning Environment, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Gifted and talented (GT) children are a definable group of K-12 students recognized for their advanced learning capabilities. Often, their bright minds are recognized by parents and subsequently tested for confirmation. While having a gifted child is a good thing, what does it mean when choosing their school? Choosing the right school for GT children takes more [...]

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