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8 Nov, 2017

Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

2017-11-08T13:19:32-06:00Wednesday, November 8, 2017|Education Info, Student Health, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

The scope of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey is only beginning to be understood. The loss of life, property, and resources is extensive. Along with physical destruction, Harvey left behind gaping emotional wounds. Nobody is truly unaffected. People were directly impacted by the flooding, losing loved ones and or property in the hurricane. Others were affected by the terrifying news stories; [...]

10 Oct, 2017

After Harvey: Balancing a Classroom with Displaced and Nondisplaced Students

2017-10-10T10:37:42-05:00Tuesday, October 10, 2017|Education Info, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

It's no secret that Houston is in a state of recovery. Following the floods brought on by Hurricane Harvey, many found themselves homeless. Others breathed a sigh of relief as their home and possessions were spared. Now, with a new school year underway, many teachers are finding themselves with classrooms that both affected and unaffected students. This presents [...]

4 Sep, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: Ways to Encourage the Children, as Families Struggle

2017-09-04T11:26:34-05:00Monday, September 4, 2017|Parents, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

It only took a few hours for Hurricane Harvey to dismantle the city of Houston last week. Unfortunately, they will be dealing with the aftermath of this monster storm for years to come. According to Business Insider, approximately 230,000 children are delayed from returning to the class room this week. Is it any wonder, when you consider the scope [...]

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