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30 Jan, 2024

6 Excellent Benefits of Shorter Class Periods

2024-01-30T08:13:17-06:00Tuesday, January 30, 2024|Education Info, Learning Environment|

When it comes to high school class periods, a great setup is breaking the classes into 30-minute blocked intervals. These shorter classes offer a lot of awesome benefits to the students and provide a great school experience for them. Here are some of the great benefits of shorter class periods. Their Concentration Increases When [...]

7 Dec, 2016

Why is a Finnish Education Better? It’s All About Teachers

2017-05-18T17:39:12-05:00Wednesday, December 7, 2016|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Since the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results came out, all the buzz has been about how well Finnish students performed.  The PISA is given to 15-year-old students to assess their ability in math, reading, science, and problem solving.  The 2012 test data was from 510,000 children from 65 different countries.  The US [...]

28 Nov, 2016

The Treasure of Small Schools is in its Teachers

2017-05-18T17:39:12-05:00Monday, November 28, 2016|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

What is the single most important factor in a good education for your child today? Some may say it is the curriculum. Others think school location plays a big role. Some people feel the size of the school is what's important in their child’s education. The dictionary defines a school as “an institution for educating [...]

20 Mar, 2016

Finding the Ideal Learning Environment for Your Child

2020-10-05T08:42:21-05:00Sunday, March 20, 2016|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Exploring the many options available to you and finding the ideal Learning Environment for your child is an important step in making sure they are receiving the best education for them. A student’s learning environment influences their ability to focus and retain information, both crucial to receiving a high-quality education. Learning environment also has the [...]

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