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21 Jun, 2024

5 Social Advantages of Small Schools

2024-06-25T09:24:54-05:00Friday, June 21, 2024|Parents, Tenney Subscribers, Uncategorized|

The U.S. Department of Education realizes the academic benefits of a small private school. They had this to report based on the research: Private school students perform higher than public school students on achievement tests. Private high schools are required to fulfill more stringent graduation requirements than public high schools. “Private school students are [...]

17 Jan, 2018

7 Things Every Parent Should Know About Private Schools

2018-01-17T13:31:40-06:00Wednesday, January 17, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Learning Environment, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

Choosing a school for your child is perhaps the most difficult decision you'll make as a parent. One of the first things you'll have to consider is whether he or she will attend a private or public school. As there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the former, here are seven things that you should know [...]

1 Dec, 2017

5 Ways Private School Helps Pay for Itself

2017-11-29T14:53:37-06:00Friday, December 1, 2017|Education Info, Parents, Private School|

For most families, the decision to send their children to private school is not taken lightly. Besides being an enormous life change, this decision is also a huge financial investment. While this investment is without a doubt a very worthwhile one, many parents still feel a bit of a sting when paying for private school education. [...]

14 Dec, 2016

How Independent Schools Expand Upon Your Family’s Values

2017-05-18T17:39:11-05:00Wednesday, December 14, 2016|Education Info, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

School is a place for children to learn and grow into responsible adults. It is where our children spend much of their time, and where they will establish their own ideals and beliefs. Unfortunately, many parents are finding that their current school situation is not living up to their expectations in these areas. Too many [...]

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