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8 Jul, 2022

Is the Return of International Students to the US a Sign of Optimism for Private High Schools?

2022-07-13T08:14:31-05:00Friday, July 8, 2022|Education Info, International students, Private School|

Higher education remains one of the largest top services exported by the United States. In fact, American colleges and universities attract more than a million international students annually. Higher education generates $42 billion in revenue for the US. Thus, it's more lucrative than some agricultural exports like corn and soybeans. According to research conducted by [...]

7 May, 2021

TenneyTube Episode 10: International Students…Coming to America

2021-05-07T08:53:46-05:00Friday, May 7, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Summer Strategies, Teachers|

TenneyTube is a series of videos about common issues for middle and high school students. Episode 10 is about international students. Prior to the pandemic, there were record-breaking numbers of international students in America. Many of these students were college students, but an increasing number of students are coming to America for high school. This [...]

18 Feb, 2020

How To Address The Difficulties International Students Face In School

2020-02-18T07:20:21-06:00Tuesday, February 18, 2020|Education Info, International students, Tenney Subscribers|

It takes courage to leave one's home country and move to a new place and a new culture. This is especially true for young students. Finding a new school can be difficult, and often poses a daunting task for international students and their families. Thankfully, we at the Tenney School understand some of the difficulties [...]

29 Jul, 2019

International Students Can Overcome Challenges at a Private School

2019-07-29T09:22:03-05:00Monday, July 29, 2019|International students, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

When international students come to the United States to study, they get a high-quality education, especially if they go to a private school. The problem, however, lies in cultural adjustment. Even if they come from an English-speaking country, they may speak with a different accent. This makes them feel different as compared to the student [...]

4 May, 2019

Middle School Skills: The Foundation for High School Success

2019-05-04T07:35:22-05:00Saturday, May 4, 2019|Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers, Transition Between Schools|

For many parents, high school gets more focus than any other element of their child's schooling. High school becomes part of a student's permanent academic record. Poor grades or other problems in high school can prevent students from getting the scholarships they need, or even prevent them from getting into the college they most want [...]

22 Feb, 2019

Five Reasons Why Private School Might Be the Best Choice for International Students

2019-02-22T12:03:33-06:00Friday, February 22, 2019|Education Info, International students, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

Moving to a new school can be an intimidating experience. But moving to a new school in a new culture trumps it all. Yet many international students are flooding American schools in search of quality education. We understand that choosing a school can be a difficult decision for the international student. So we would like [...]

30 Jul, 2018

International Students: Tips to Improve Your English

2020-10-05T08:32:56-05:00Monday, July 30, 2018|Education Info, International students, Learning Strategies, Private School|

Changing country and adapting to a new culture is difficult for anyone. The only exception to this rule is when someone only temporarily changes location for an extended vacation. I have never heard of a person complaining about how comfortable the sand feels or how cold the cocktail was in Ibiza.  But being an international [...]

2 Jul, 2018

Tips for International Students Studying in America

2018-07-02T13:17:16-05:00Monday, July 2, 2018|International students, Parents, Tenney Subscribers, Transition Between Schools|

While many would be scared to go to school in a foreign country, others would jump at the chance. It could seem really exciting to others. Not only will children and young adults get to see more of the world, they can also get a better education than they could get at home. Going to [...]

26 Sep, 2017

6 Challenges that International Students Must Overcome

2021-03-30T08:09:58-05:00Tuesday, September 26, 2017|Education Info, International students, Tenney Subscribers|

Unless you've personally studied abroad before, it's difficult to know what exactly an international student has to go through. In this blog, we'll go over six of the most difficult challenges that incoming students from abroad have to overcome: The American teacher-student relationship We'll start here because it's the source [...]

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