20 Aug, 2019

Getting Organized for Back to School Season


The end of summer will be here in the blink of an eye. As the school year begins, you need an organization strategy that will help keep you and your family on track--including the tools you need to handle school, after school activities, appointments, and more. Are you ready to get organized for back to [...]

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8 Apr, 2019

Trust Your Kids: The Harm of Too Much Parent Intervention


By now, you've surely seen the headlines about the "Varsity Blues" scandal. The world is reacting with equal parts shock, anger, and mockery to the list of highly-connected (and sometimes famous) parents who lied, cheated, and scammed to get their children into competitive college programs. Once we move past the legal and moral issues of [...]

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21 Mar, 2019

Tenney School Scholarships


We are proud to offer an opportunity for students to apply for The Tenney School Scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year.  The purpose of The Tenney School Scholarship is to provide financial assistance, in the form of reduced tuition, to deserving students.  While the primary criteria for scholarship awards will be need-based, significant consideration will [...]

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20 Feb, 2019

Senior Spotlight: Cole Goes to Belmont


We are super excited to hear the plans of our senior class.  This spring we will be spotlighting our seniors and their plans for next year.  In this first of the series, our College Counselor, Lisa Cashiola interviews Cole.  Cole plans to attend Belmont University and major in Audio Engineering Technology or Music Business. Click [...]

Senior Spotlight: Cole Goes to Belmont2019-03-04T12:21:19-06:00
14 Dec, 2018

Changes to the “Tenney News”


Our first Tenney News email was sent out on June 7th, 2016.  The humble idea behind the newsletter was to provide helpful information to our customers or other families looking to help their kids grow.  It went out to 47 people and was literally just one article.  Not that our first emails were bad, but [...]

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7 Nov, 2018

Tenney Gives Back-Gift Donation Drive


The Tenney Yearbook Staff  has organized a gift donation drive with The Star of Hope Mission. Please see the attachment for details. They are asking for everyone's help to make the holidays brighter for those who are less fortunate. Please email Ms. Brahier if you have any questions. TENNEY GIVES BACK - GIFT DRIVE

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2 Nov, 2018

Come Hear Anthony Graves Tell His Story


Did you know The Tenney School has a Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) class?  Tenney C.S.I. is hosting a talk from Anthony Graves, a man falsely convicted of murdering six people. Anthony Graves spent 6,640 days in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Of the eighteen and a half years in prison sixteen were [...]

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5 Sep, 2018

France Just Banned Cell Phones in School. Are They Right?


In an international news story attracting a great deal of attention, France has recently banned cell phones in school for students under the age of 15. While many American classrooms are choosing to embrace smartphone technology, others, like those in France, are discovering just how detrimental phones can be to the learning process in general. [...]

France Just Banned Cell Phones in School. Are They Right?2018-09-06T06:15:37-05:00