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24 Aug, 2021

Help Your Children Take Ownership of Their Education

2021-08-23T07:48:13-05:00Tuesday, August 24, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

When children become independent learners, they help themselves navigate through their studies. Thus, they teach themselves skills they will actually use later in the workforce and learn how to be an independent adult. As a parent, you may wish to cast a magic spell that gives your child the ability to learn independently. It makes [...]

23 Aug, 2021

Can Video Games Boost Your Child’s Potential

2021-08-23T07:47:10-05:00Monday, August 23, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Student Health|

There's a lot of talk about how video games distract students from their work. Some people go as far as to say that teenagers should be kept away from gaming or have it strictly limited. What we don't talk about is the positive aspects of video games. In moderation, video gaming can, in fact, be good for [...]

28 Jul, 2021

What’s the Deal With Class Participation Grades?

2021-07-26T12:16:11-05:00Wednesday, July 28, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment|

Many teachers use class participation grades, which are seen as a way to encourage discussion and improve students' social skills. However, not everyone thinks class participation grades are a good idea. So, should teachers include class participation as part of a semester grade? Here are some thoughts to consider: Class Participation During Discussions Is Important [...]

5 Apr, 2021

Fully Flexible Summer Courses

2021-04-05T14:39:30-05:00Monday, April 5, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Summer Strategies, Teachers|

Summer School may be just what your child needs to get back on track after a year of pandemic learning.  For 2021, we have decided to increase the flexibility for familes looking to enroll in sumemr courses: Course scheduling is flexible. Register for any 3 weeks to complete a semester course. Courses can be taken [...]

24 Mar, 2021

TenneyTube Episode 7: It’s Not Cool to Be Tardy

2021-03-24T14:51:59-05:00Wednesday, March 24, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Teachers|

TenneyTube is a series of videos about common issues for middle and high school students. Episode 7 covers the impact of student tardies on the student, teacher, and overall operaion of the school. The video covers both the types of tardies: tardy to school & tardy to class. Click Here for the Video. This video [...]

2 Mar, 2021

TenneyTube Episode 6: How Long Should a Class Period Be?

2021-03-02T07:04:40-06:00Tuesday, March 2, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Teachers|

TenneyTube is a series of videos about common issues for middle and high school students. Episode 6 asks the question: how long should a class period be?  The video covers the different bell schedules & class lengths, strengths of each, scenarios where one is better than others, and research on student attention. Click Here for [...]

3 Aug, 2020

Not All Online Learning Is Created Equal

2020-08-03T14:02:55-05:00Monday, August 3, 2020|Learning Environment|

As we prepare for an unprecedented school year, many parents are looking toward online school as a solution for their students. Others are still debating the pros and cons: is online learning effective? Can their students benefit from that style of learning, or will it set them back? There's a consensus among many parents that [...]

10 Jun, 2020

Secretly Educational Uses of Screen Time

2020-06-09T13:14:58-05:00Wednesday, June 10, 2020|Learning Strategies, Parents|

With many schools recently adopting an online version of their classes, the internet has never before been such a perfect tool for educating young minds. Sometimes, though, children and teens can become tired of structured learning and long for some mindless screen time. If you're wanting to give your child a little bit of a [...]

20 Jan, 2020

Why Teacher-Talk Stifles Student Learning

2020-01-21T08:16:36-06:00Monday, January 20, 2020|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

Some teachers love to talk! It's great to have an enthusiastic, passionate teacher, but in the classroom, there needs to be a balance between talking and listening. Too much teacher-talk can actually harm a student's learning experience. Learn about the ways more talk leads to less learning. 1. Shortcuts Student Thinking When a teacher asks [...]

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