15 Jul, 2019

Is Private School the Answer For You?

2019-07-15T07:36:57-05:00Monday, July 15, 2019|Education Info, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

Private School vs. Public School Sadly, the educational world is in crisis. There is a teacher shortage, overcrowded classrooms, dictated lessons, and government sanctions on already underfunded schools. While these issues are being widely discussed, there seems to be little progress in fixing them and the education of the next generation is suffering. So, what [...]

21 Jun, 2019

Four Students Who Learn Better at a Smaller School

2019-06-21T14:34:03-05:00Friday, June 21, 2019|Learning Environment, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

No two students exactly are the same. And it makes sense that different students learn better in different situations. At The Tenney School, we understand that "one size fits all" does not apply to education. For instance, many young people attend public school, where hundreds of students are crammed into one building. But a big [...]

19 Jun, 2019

The Key to Student Engagement: Giving Students a Choice

2019-06-21T13:06:12-05:00Wednesday, June 19, 2019|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

Every teacher has experienced the sinking feeling of looking around a classroom and realizing that the students are so bored that they are hardly listening. Indeed, student engagement is a difficult thing to accomplish. Some of the responsibility rests on the students themselves. But here at The Tenney School, we wonder if much of the [...]

23 Apr, 2019

International Students Excel in our One-to-One Learning Environment

2019-04-23T17:56:45-05:00Tuesday, April 23, 2019|International students, Learning Environment, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

The United States is a prominent choice for international students seeking a quality education. However, what is it that draws international students to The Tenney School? Aside from Houston, TX being a compelling and welcoming city, the area itself is not what calls to international students to complete their studying here. It is our unique [...]

21 Dec, 2018

The Problem with Competition-Based Learning

2018-12-21T07:36:51-06:00Friday, December 21, 2018|Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

In many instances, teachers want students to compete: for great grades; on projects; to be the "best" in the classroom. Many of the schools often considered to be the "best" drive students to higher levels of academic success through competition-based learning. Students are trying to do better, achieve better, top their classmates. As a result, [...]

28 Sep, 2018

Tailored Learning: Improving Your Child’s Academic Success

2018-09-28T10:30:12-05:00Friday, September 28, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

You want your child to excel in all areas of school. Not only can their grades have a big impact on their ability go to college, acquire scholarships, and get the future job they've always wanted, you want them to have the kind of success that will help propel them to take on future challenges. [...]

14 Sep, 2018

How Personalized Mentoring Benefits Your Student

2018-09-14T10:48:46-05:00Friday, September 14, 2018|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Tenney Subscribers|

Many students simply aren't able to thrive in a traditional academic setting. In spite of their best efforts and that of their parents, they find themselves constantly struggling to keep up. At The Tenney School, we know how difficult it can be for students to learn in a classroom where the majority of teachers prepare [...]

19 Aug, 2018

What is Custom-Made Education?

2018-08-19T21:15:12-05:00Sunday, August 19, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Education Info, Learning Strategies, Tenney Subscribers|

We are living in an era of customization. Because of our technology and variety of options, we can customize everything from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the television shows and books that pop up on our recommended list, and the podcasts we listen to. The world is quickly becoming divergent in new [...]

18 Jun, 2018

Customized Instruction: A Recipe for Success

2018-06-18T09:56:26-05:00Monday, June 18, 2018|Customized Curriculum, Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers, Tenney Subscribers|

Customized Instruction The right education will prove to be a valuable asset to every child who receives one. However, many children pass through school to graduation without actually learning what they are supposed to learn. The scandal that occurred in the Atlanta school district where several educators manipulated student scores so that the students would be eligible [...]

15 Jun, 2018

4 Ways Small Private Schools Better Prepare Students for College

2018-06-15T16:28:10-05:00Friday, June 15, 2018|Education Info, Private School|

With summer upon us, many students will be making the transition from junior high to high school. Not only is this a milestone in a student's educational career, but it also provides parents with another opportunity to consider the future of their child's education and whether it may be time to transfer them to a [...]

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